Posted by: theworldisretarded | June 18, 2009

Lord of the flies….and the entire universe

Reason #843 why Barack Obama is the man: Ninja reflexes.

Now, I’m not very political, and thats not the point of this site at all. If something in the news doesn’t concern my fantasy baseball team or some sweet titties, I’m probably not interested. And yea, I voted for Obama, but it was mostly because he plays basketball and watches The Wire. But regardless of who you voted for, you can’t deny that Obama is the fucking man. He’s our generation’s Frank Sinatra or Fonzie.

A while ago I asked a friend of mine, who’s both a big golfer and a big pot smoker, if he would rather golf 18 holes with Tiger Woods, or smoke a joint with Barack. He answered smoking with Barack quicker than the man, the myth, the legend himself swatted that fly.

It should also be noted that if George Bush ever tried to pull this off, he probably would’ve slapped a baby or poked his own eyeball out.



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