Posted by: theworldisretarded | March 16, 2009

She “nose” how to give a great BJ (it will make sense, just read)


Dr.  Marty Mendelsohn, a 40-year old plastic surgeon in Australia, was scheduled to give a nose job to a 22-year old female patient, when she came on to him in a meeting before the surgery and fellated him. And by “fellated him” I mean she blew him. And by “blew him” I mean he fucked her mouth. And by “fucked her mouth” I mean he stuck his dick down her throat. The good doctor is now fighting to keep his medical license.

Doc Mendelsohn “admitted he did not attempt to stop a 22-year-old patient performing oral sex on him.” The article also quotes Doctor Marty as saying, “I think I was probably flattered. I think I possibly welcomed those comments, and I shouldn’t have.”

What the shit doctor!!?? Why the fuck would you ever attempt to stop such a beautiful gift? Did Mozart stop his symphonies? Does god try to stop sunsets? The answer is a resounding NO.

do we really want to live in a world where you need to defend getting blown by some 22-year old cockfiend? fuck no. you show me someone who disgrees and i’ll show you a fucking retard


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