Posted by: theworldisretarded | February 9, 2009

Nice bush



An area in Switzerland will be doling out $170 fines to naked hikers. Apparently naked hiking is all the rage in this area, especially with those crazy German tourists. (Is there a racist term for Germans not WWII/Holocaust-related?) It should be noted that this region of Switzerland didn’t let women vote until 1990, so they’re either not the most liberal people, or they’re just geniuses and know how to keep their hoes on a leash.

The article says, “Police succeeded in catching a naked hiker red-headed last September, and the 44-year-old Swiss man was charged with public nuisance.” It just seems ironic to describe catching a naked guy “red-handed.” Maybe ironic isn’t the right word but whatever, you know what I mean.


i think hiking would be the LAST thing I would want do completely naked, right behind riding a bike and long snapping on field goals. fucking eurotards


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