Posted by: theworldisretarded | February 3, 2009

Scientific proof that the world IS going retarded


If you had a child within the past year, chances are this baby monkey is smarter than your baby.

Congrats new parents. This monkey is smarter than your baby.

“Orphaned infant chimpanzees that received attentive, nurturing care from human surrogate mothers were found to be more intellectually advanced than the average human baby when both groups were compared at the age of nine months, according to a new study published in the latest issue of Developmental Psychobiology.”

We are fucked. Human babies are stupider than chimp babies. The beginning of the end is underway.

Now watch this video, and tell me that you’re not sincerely horrified for your safety. Fast forward to 2 minutes to see chimps carrying sticks as weapons, rape a female chimp, and then eat one of their enemy’s children. Good god. Suddenly the Drive-Thru Safari at 6 Flags seems like an awful idea.


this story is retarded, but not as retarded as your dumbfuck baby who is literally dumber than a monkey.



  1. that chimp knows what the fuck is up. He’s smirking the whole time he’s getting free food and shelter.

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