Posted by: theworldisretarded | February 3, 2009

Holy fuck!!!!!!!!


(WARNING: This link has a picture that is safe for work, but is so fucked up you might puke on your keyboard. Good luck explaining that to the IT guys.)

From the award-winning Croatian Times comes this heart-warming tale about how birth defects in China have risen by 40% over the past 6 years. As informative as that is, I don’t need stats to be convinced. Seriously, click that link and look at the picture. Nothing says “birth defect epidemic” like a 3-D ultrasound on some little girl’s back.

The article also claims that a baby is born with a birth defect every 30 seconds! That means about 5 more mutants were hatched since you started reading this.


i won’t even call this retarded because it seems so morally wrong. but how far away are we from Chinese mutants battling genius monkey babies for world domination? 5 years? 10? and who wouldn’t want to watch that fight go down? i would illegally download the shit out of that.


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