Posted by: theworldisretarded | January 28, 2009

One time in band camp….



During the Inauguration last week, a marching band was doing their thing as they passed by the stage where B-Rock Obama was standing. The drum major (AKA lead nerd) John Coleman claims him and B-Rock made eye contact, and Coleman gave the soon-to-be Prez a slight head nod. Coleman has since been suspended for this horrible act and recently quit the marching band amid all of the attention he has gotten since.

“Its gotten to a point where I don’t want embarrassment anymore between the pipe band and myself,” Coleman said. Good move bud…when you’re wearing a hat like that in front of 2 million people and another hundred million or so around the world on TV, embarrassment is the last thing you’d want.

Seriously whats the big deal about a little head nod? Coleman basically did the same thing anyone else would do when passing a black guy in the street….simple head nod, minimum eye contact, just move on before your iPod and wallet get stolen.


being suspended from a marching band probably isn’t the worst thing in the world

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