Posted by: theworldisretarded | January 26, 2009

Tremendous Upside Potential

Back in 2000 Remember the Titans came out. This was by all accounts a great movie – good football action, good acting, and a young soon-to-be smokeshow named Hayden Panettiere screaming like Bobby Knight on the sidelines. Dirty or not, Hayden was only 11 years old when this movie came out, yet it was still undeniable that she would be hot. Her future hotness was in clear view right between those 2 little pig tail braid things and, if you looked close enough, could be seen boiling right beneath her pre-pubescent skin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’m in no way saying that she WAS hot in Remember the Titans, but that is was clear she would be. This is an important distinction that may or may not keep me out of jail and/or hell. If Hayden Pantytear was an NFL prospect, she would’ve been drafted mid to late 3rd round based on potential alone. Fast forward almost a decade, and Hayden is now 20 and super hot on the TV show Heroes.



Fuck caterpillars turning into butterflies. If you want to learn about nature and metamorphosis, just look at these 2 pictures. Rewind back 10 years. If 2 guys had $1,000 to invest, and 1 guy invested in Google, but the other invested in Hayden Pantytear, who do you think would’ve been happier with their return? I’d take the Hayden stock in a heartbeat. Seriously, how hot is she? She makes me want to do sit-ups and eat veggie burgers.


hayden pantytear is a smokeshow. nothing retarded about that at all.


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