Posted by: theworldisretarded | January 20, 2009

Long-lost twins

In my spare time I like to find and bring together long lost twins. Here are some of the happy families I have reunited so far.

Ronaldinho and Donkey from Shrek

Ronaldinho & Donkey from Shrek

Cap'n Crunch and Giants O-Coordinator Kevin Gilbride

Cap'n Crunch & Giants O-Coordinator Kevin Gilbride

E.T. and Sam Cassell

E.T. & Sam Cassell (this was an easy one)

Gollum and Tony Dungy

Gollum & Tony Dungy

Chris Kaman and the GEICO Caveman

Chris Kaman & the GEICO Caveman

Chris Kaman and this rooster

Chris Kaman & this rooster

Kerry Kittles and Rizzo the Rat from the Muppets

Kerry Kittles & Rizzo the Rat

John Madden and the Michelin Man

John Madden & the Michelin Man

Mr. Potato Head and Cavs coach Mike Brown

Mr. Potato Head & Cavs coach Mike Brown

Ex-NBA player Oliver Miller and the Kool-Aid Guy

Oliver Miller & the Kool-Aid Guy

NFL Coaches/Former coaches Andy Reid, Romeo Crennel & Mike Holmgren and these walruses

Andy Reid, Romeo Crennel, and Mike Holmgren & these walruses


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